Export of machine-made carpets

صادرات فرش به قاره آفریقا

Carpet exports to Africa

export carpet to Africa Over the last years, Africa has traded an average of 1000 billion dollars with the world, 50% of which includes exports and 50% imports. Of course, in the past few years, the trade balance in...

?How is carpet exported

?How is carpet exported

?How is carpet exported In order to export carpets, you must know the rules. Having a commercial card is one of the most important rules for exportation. To issue the products, you must first go to the Chamber of...

صفر تا صد صادرات فرش ماشینی

How to export machine carpet

Customs statistics and the best methods of exporting machine-made carpets have attracted a lot of attention in recent years, and carpet exports have been able to gain a special place in the world for Iran. In this series of...

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